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You're one step closer to happier feet!

If you're on this page, it means you have made a great choice for your feet! Your purchase of Happy Toes is an investment worth it's weight in gold!

Our feet are an extremely important structure. With 26 bones, 33 individual joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligament, the health and function of the feet are important for overall balance and support for the entire body.

Our feet should be adaptable and dexterous, able to be manipulated and responsive to the changes in the ground beneath us. Our feet are extremely intelligent structures - when they work well. But when out feet become rigid, stiff, or immobile, this can lead to pain and deformity in the joints or soft tissues of the feet and excess joint strain in the knees and hips.


Some reasons why our feet suffer:

- wearing poorly fitted shoes, especially at an earlier age

- wearing shoes shaped to restrict toe movement

- poor movement mechanics

- minimal barefoot movement

- wearing shoes with added support or heels

- wearing shoes which are rigid and cast-like, minimising the ability of the foot the articulate with the ground

Think about the shoes you wear often:

Do they have a wide or narrow foot bed?

Are they flexible or rigid?

Do they flat across the sole, or do they have a high cushion/gel sole?

Are you more often in flatter shoes or heels?

Can you wiggle your toes in the shoes?

Do your feet need to work hard to keep the shoe on the foot?

The more rigid and restricted the toes are in a shoe, the less movement adaptability they have. If we can't feel and respond to the ground we walk on because of our shoes, the more stress is distributed to other parts of the body.


Also consider some of your movement behaviours:

What kind of surfaces do you walk and exercise on most of the time?

How often are you barefoot?

Are you consciously connected to how your feet connect to the ground?

If you're finding that your feet have been given too little love over the years, don't worry! You have taken the first step on the journey to better functioning feet!

Your Happy Toes separators are going to help to realign your toes, stretch the joints and soft tissues, and help relieve the pain that years of foot neglect has produced. And yes, it will take time! Go slow, make small changes, and over time you will see and feel the difference!

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